Trial Class Report
(How to Use)

Trial Class report is used to give feedback to students. This report will be sent to the agent within 24 to 48 hours after the student finished the class. 


  • Write the student’s name. 
  • Provide the name that was written in MYOS.
  • Enter the student’s gender, either male or female.
  • Enter the student’s nationality.
  • Enter the CEFR Level, check the CEFR core inventory here

Teacher’s Feedback

When providing feedback, please provide more detailed information. For example  what are the particular group of sounds the student deviates. 

Pronunciation and Reading

  • For pronunciation, provide what kind of information student should improve, such as vowels, consonants (Nasal, voiced or unvoiced)
  • Give the information if the student can manage to understand what he /she read.

Picture Comparison (Vocabulary and Grammar)

  • Provide what information students can able to identify and what the challenges. For example, can the student describe the picture properly? What structure did the student use?
Please refer to the trial class guidelines for more information. 

To view the trial class report of other students, check here.  

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  • The teacher will introduce the student with a smile and provide his or her name to the student. 
  • The teacher will have his/her profile on the website so no need to give more details. 
  • The teacher should gauge the students’ level based on the material provided.
  • To avoid subjective leveling, always check the CEFR inventory.
  • Provide short feedback if the student is at least A2.
  • No need to provide too much information to a student.
  • Avoid asking taboo questions.
  • Make sure that the class is recorded and upload the trial class whenever it is available.