Trial Class for Partners 


This is from is for partners only. Direct students should who wants to do trial classes can do on our website. 

Agency Name – Provide the name of the agency you represent no need to put your name. Details such as  email address or name of the representative can put their information on the note section. 

Student’s Name – Provide the passport name as it will show to the record including the invoice. 

Nationality – Nationality, and country are totally different. If you are from China, then your nationality is Chinese. If you are from Japan, you are Japanese.

Age and Gender: This is for us to know the age of the student.  Not all teachers can teach young learners. If the student is not comfortable discussing their age, just write 18 to tell that person is an adult. We also need to know the gender for data analytic purposes. 

Trial Class Details

Please verify first in MYOS if the teacher is Available. Enter the date and time including the timezone of the student. 
  • Enter the email address of the student, so he or she can receive the zoom id and details. 
  • For backup purposes, we encourage you to add Skype ID or QQ.
  • Additional information that could help CIP process the trial class faster. 
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  1. Before submitting, please ensure the information is accurate. 
  2. After we received and verified the trial class, we will send an email containing the information you provided.
  3. We will send the trial confirmation up to 24 hours before the class. 
  4. Another email will be sent to remind the agent or students. 
  5. The teacher will do the report and will be sent within one to two business days after the trial class has been made. 
  6. For cancellation, you can reply to the email. 
  7. The schedule will be reserved for three days, if there is no response from the agent or student, the time slot will be open for grab.