Teacher Marie - CIP English On - Profile


Teacher's Name




Teaching Experience

2 years

Educational Background

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Banking and Finance and Accountancy


ESL Training

Courses Taught:

ESL, Juniors

Levels Taught:

Beginner to Intermediate

About Me:

I am Teacher Marie. I became a volunteer teacher for some time in a kindergarten program that aims to teach kids from 3-6 years old. My first job was as an English teacher and handled students of all ages. I mainly teach English grammar and speaking. During my time, I was hailed as one of the prominent teachers in our academy. I also became a customer service representative in three different call centers and became one of the Subject Matter Experts in our team in one of my companies. In 2018, I got an interest in studying the Korean language so I attended a short course at a language school. I am into baking right now and take pride in being a self-taught baker. I had previous jobs with different call centers. I became a phone banker for a US-based bank (Bank of America) and I also worked for a telecom company (AT&T). I'm into baking and gardening right now.