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Name Maria
Nationality Filipino
ESL Teaching Experience 7 years
Educational Background: Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education
Education-Related Qualifications: Licensed teacher
Courses Taught: General ESL,IELTS,TOEIC,Business English
Levels Taught: Beginners- Advanced
About Me: Hello everyone. I am Teacher Mary Belle.I have been in the ESL industry for 7 years and counting. I have worked in different companies such as Japanese-owned, Korean-owned, Vietnamese-owned,etc. My experience in teaching for those companies made me deal with students from all over the world such as Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Arab, Russians, Taiwanese, Chinese, etc. My students range from juniors to professional workers. I have taught both General ESL and Special Courses like IELTS, TOEIC,TOEFL and Business English. This diversity made me become a teacher who constantly meets the demands of my students. In my free time, I do blog posting and freelance writing that is why I can be of help to students who have difficulty in writing and communicating with other people. With the best of my ability, I surely can contribute to students’ success and goals.