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Teacher’s NameJeremy
Teaching Experience1 year 2 months
Educational BackgroundBachelor of Arts in English,currently taking Masters of Arts in Language and Literature, IELTS instructor
CertificationsGoverned issued Professional Teacher License, IELTS Training
Courses Taught:ESL, ESL, Juniors, IELTS
Levels Taught:Beginner to Upper Intermediate
About Me:Hi, I’m Jeremy.
I have a degree in English and I am a licensed teacher. Currently, I am taking an MA in Language and Literature in the University of the Philippines. I have taught ESL to young children and IELTS to medical professionals. I can speak four languages and I am currently learning Spanish. That’s why I understand the challenges faced by learners of new language since I am a learner myself. Most of my free time is taken up by reading books and meeting with my book club.