CIP English On - Teacher Flerida Profile

Teacher's Name




Teaching Experience

10 years

Educational Background

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy


TESOL Certified

Courses Taught:

General English, TOEFL, English for Young Learners, Business English and OPIC

Levels Taught:

Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate

About Me:

My passion for teaching started at a very young age and although I majored in Accounting in College, I decided to become an English teacher to young learners at the beginning of my teaching journey, then I started teaching General English and at some point, I also handled some Business English or English for Specific Purposes to some of my working professional students. In 2018, I decided to go back to the big classroom with some of the best teachers and lecturers in the world to gain more teaching skills and teaching methodologies and successfully completed my TESOL Certification Course which is Teaching English To Speakers of Other Languages. Being able to be inside a classroom again and learn from world class English Professors is one of my best experiences and also being a certified English teacher makes me more confident with my skills. Whenever I am not teaching, I like to read different reading materials and learn about different cultures from different backgrounds from across the globe. I usually use my neutral accent when I am speaking, which is easily understood by students because this is very similar to the north American accent. Teaching for me is more of a passion than a job. Aside from being a teacher, I am also an entrepreneur, although entrepreneurship is something that I do mostly during my free time.