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Full NameMaria Erika L. Yumul
ESL Teaching Experience4 years
Educational Background:AB Communication
Education-Related Qualifications:
Intensive 4 week teacher training course based on the CELTA syllabus.
Courses Taught:General ESL, IELTS, TOEIC, Business English, TOEFL
Levels Taught:Beginner to Advanced
About Me:
I am a performer. Most of my university life was focused on theater performances and choir. My passion for performing arts was brought about by my love for movies and stage performances (especially Disney and musicals) as well as my passion for music. These helped me hone not only my artistic talent but also my English, especially pronunciation.

I love learning languages. I've learned a bit of Korean, Chinese and Japanese in the past and I'm still learning now, including Spanish. Learning the language for me is like learning the culture of my students. This helps me understand them and learn what teaching approach would be best for them.
Before becoming a teacher, I worked as a Marketing Secretary at a country club, dealing with hotel bookings as well as function and event bookings. I have neutral accent with some American influence.