Course Overview

Speaking and Discussion Course is the most recommendable course and the most effective way to be heard and be understood.  This course is tailored to fit the needs of individual learners according to their age, English level and requirement. This course is Student-centered wherein students are exposed to variety of dialogues and speeches for formal and informal speaking. We aim to help the students achieve clarity in the meaning of the English spoken.

General Objectives

  1. Engage the students in various topics.
  2. Learn how to stress keywords and sentences
  3. Develop the skills needed for accurate and effective speaking.
  4. Perform an oral task based on reading, writing, or listening inputs
  5. Be able to see their progress in using speaking skills


  • Course Length :           4 to 24 weeks           
  • Start Date :           Every Monday
  • Required Level :           Beginner to Advance
  • Required Age :           15 and above
  • Unit of Study:           25 / 50 minutes
  • Teacher  :           Filipino / Native
  • Teaching Tool :           One on One video class through Zoom, Skype, etc.
  • Progress Report :           After 20 sessions
  • Textbook :           Will be selected after the level test

Speaking and Discussion: Course Overview