CIP Online Registration – How to Use it?

This tool is open for teachers, CIP Management, and partners. 

Before submitting make sure that the schedule is available based on MYOS.

Student’s Details

  • Agency – Write the name of the company you represent. If you are CIP Staff, teachers, or manager, write CIP.
  • Student Name – Encode the name of the student’s passport name. Do not use nicknames. This name will be used in MYOS and the invoice.
    Nationality  – For this, kindly use the proper adjective form. Do not write, Korea as it is the country and not nationality, therefore, write Korean. 
  • Age / Gender – we need to know what age and gender of our students in order to know our demographics and our students better.

Registration Details

  • We set a default number of classes.
  • If you have more, you can put it on the Notes and provide the exact number of lessons per month.
  • Write the name of the teacher properly.
  • Indicate the time to avoid the problem with MYOS.
  • For the email address, we send the details there.
  • If partners, prefer to put their email address, you need to forward all the emails from us to them.
  • For all other information, it can be placed on the Note to CIP section.

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Change Request 

In order to process the request quickly please put all the information here. As there are many request, we could prioritize the first entry