CIP English On - Online Course - Primary Course Updated

Primary Course

Course Overview

Children have innate language-learning strategies when they are learning their native language; which is an advantage when they start learning a foreign language while they are young. Their imitation skill is at its peak and they have fewer inhibitions.

This is a 25-minute class that is activity-centered. Learners are engaged in lessons delivered through reading, playing, naming pictures, storytelling and singing. We make stress-free learning while exposing them to the target language.

General Objectives

  1. Build student’s ability to perform important basic functions and use essential structures of English.
  2. Familiarize common expressions in English.
  3. Respond appropriately to questions


  • Course Length:   4 to 24 weeks
  • Start Date:           Every Monday
  • Required Level:  Zero English to Elementary
  • Required Age:     5 to 11 years old
  • Unit of Study:     25 / 50 minutes
  • Teacher :             Filipino / Native
  • Teaching Tool:    One on One video class through Zoom, Skype, etc.
  • Progress Report:           After 20 sessions
  • Textbook:           Will be selected after the level test