CIP English On - IELTS Speaking Guarantee

IELTS Speaking Guarantee (12 Weeks)

IELTS Speaking Guarantee is an Intensive Speaking Program to achieve or even exceed the guaranteed band score. It is a 12-week program with 2-hour classes daily from Monday – Friday. The lessons are equally divided into the 3 parts of the test; which cover effective speaking strategies, grammar and vocabulary exercises, and practice tests to help you prepare thoroughly for the exam.

Admission Requirement Band Score to Achieve Benefit

IELTS Speaking 4.0 or equivalent


IELTS Speaking Guarantee 6.0


If the guaranteed score is not obtained after 12 weeks, there shall be an extension of 8 weeks of training for free.


  • Course Length:               12 weeks
  • Start Date:               Every Monday
  • Required Level:               Intermediate or IELTS 4.0 band score
  • Required Age:               15 and above
  • Unit of Study:               50 minutes
  • Teacher :               Filipino / Native
  • Teaching Tool:               One on One video class through Zoom, Skype, etc.
  • Mock Test:               Saturdays
  • Progress Report: After 20 sessions
  • Textbook:               Will be selected after the level test



  1. A Level Test provided by CIP English On must be taken prior to admission.
  2. After 12 weeks, an examination shall be taken at an institution conducting a non-official IELTS SPEAKING TEST by a former IELTS examiner.
  3. If the guaranteed band score is not achieved after the examination, an 8-week extension training shall be given for FREE.
  4. The non-official IELTS SPEAKING TEST fees shall be paid by CIP ENGLISH ON up to 2 takes.
  5. Students are only allowed 2 absences (2 hours). Failure to follow the two-absence rule would result in the cancellation of the above-mentioned benefits.
  6. Students must perform their responsibilities as students such as: take tests, do and submit homework and participate in-class activities. Failure to do the following would result to forfeiture of the above-mentioned benefits.
  7. Should the student’s practice test result shows no improvement or is decreasing for 3 consecutive Saturdays, the above-mentioned provision shall be canceled.
  8. Classes would still continue despite the forfeiture of the benefits. Students are still given one free IELTS Speaking Test but not the 8 week extension in case the guaranteed score is not achieved.