CIP Online English Learning - IELTS Preparation Course Updated

IELTS Preparation Course

Course Overview

This course is designed to prepare students for the IELTS exam. Classes focus on developing Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing skills, plus Grammar and Vocabulary to achieve students’ IELTS scores. Students receive instruction and practice that will lead to improved IELTS test scores in each of the skill areas.

Age15 Years Old and Above
Minimum LevelA2 +
Entry RequirementTrial Class
Progress TestAvailable Upon Request
Start DateEvery Monday (Combination) / Immediately Upon Enrollment (Session)
CertificateAvailable Upon Request.
Course Duration30 Hours Minimum
ClassOnline 1:1
Session 1 to 5Family and Describing peoplePronunciation of (th) possessive adjectives, talking about your own life and experience 
Session 6 to 10Free time activitiesExpressing Preference: Present Simple; Identifying Keywords in questions
Session 11 to 15Special OccasionsConnecting ideas; Past Simple, Pronunciation: Past Simple verbs and -ed. Giving longer answers
Session 16 to 20Describing CitiesPronunciation: Syllables ad word stress: There is / there are
Session 21 to 25TV and Radio programmesAdverb of Frequency: Organizing your answers
Session 26 to 30WeatherPronunciation of Vowel sounds: Can/cant, Giving Relevant Answers.
Session 31 to 35Studying Academic SubjectsPronunciation: Word Stress: Collocations, Present Continuous. Using a range of vocabulary
Session 36 to 40Work and JobsHave to, Using Phrases to give you time to think.
Session 41 to 45Holidays and TravelOpposite Adjective: Be going to, pronunciation, Shwa, and sentence stress.
Session 46 to 50HealthGiving explanation: Pronunciation, Contraction.
Session 51 to 55Important Life eventsDescribing Feelings. Pronunciation. Giving Emphasis.
Session 56 to 60Talking about possessionsDescribing Objects. Pronunciation: Linking Words.
Session 1 to 3Education (Vocabulary, Grammar and Expressions)
Session 4 to 6Food (Vocabulary, Grammar and Expressions)
Session 7 to 9Sport and Exercise (Vocabulary, Grammar and Expressions)
Session 10 to 12Media (Vocabulary, Grammar and Expressions)
Session 13 to 15Relationship (Vocabulary, Grammar and Expressions)
Session 16 to 18Advertising (Vocabulary, Grammar and Expressions)
Session 19 to 21Further Study and Future Plans (Vocabulary, Grammar and Expressions)
Session 22 to 24The Natural Environment (Vocabulary, Grammar and Expressions)
Session 25 to 27Cooking and Special Occasions (Vocabulary, Grammar and Expressions)
Session 28 to 30Transport (Vocabulary, Grammar and Expressions)
Session 31 to 33News Sources (Vocabulary, Grammar and Expressions)
Session 34 to 36Leisure Activities (Vocabulary, Grammar and Expressions)
Session 37 to 39Technology and Equipment (Vocabulary, Grammar and Expressions)
Session 40 to 42Money and Finance (Vocabulary, Grammar and Expressions)
Session 43 to 45Employment (Vocabulary, Grammar and Expressions)
Session 46 to 48Commodities (Vocabulary, Grammar and Expressions)
Session 49 to 51Population (Vocabulary, Grammar and Expressions)
Session 52 to 54International Events (Vocabulary, Grammar and Expressions)
Session 55 to 57Communications (Vocabulary, Grammar and Expressions)
Session 58 to 60Tourism (Vocabulary, Grammar and Expressions)
Sessions Topic Focus
Session 1 to 5 Family Matters Pronunciation: Strong and weak forms of preposition.
Session 6 to 10 Health and Fitness Pronunciation: Expressing enthusiasm; Expressing opinions; Planning your answers 
Session 11 to 15 Education Speculating; Pronunciation: Word stress, giving answers that are the right length.
Session 16 to 20 Nature and the Environment Using complex sentence; pronunciation: Long and short vowels sounds. Using news articles to improve your answers.
Session 21 to 25 Language and Communication Expressing attitude; Pronunciation: Consonants; Giving yourself time to think.
Session 26 to 30 Science and Technology Phrasal Verbs: Pronunciation: Sentence Stress, the schwa. Coherence.
Session 31 to 35 Employment and Finances Expressing likes and dislikes; Sounding Polite
Session 36 to 40 Youth “Used to” and “would”; Pronunciation: Past tense -ed ending, diphthongs. Fluency
Session 41 to 45 People and Places Describing places; Pronunciation; Silent letters; Clarifying, paraphrasing and giving examples.
Session 46 to 50 Culture and Modern Society Pronunciation: Linking using future forms. Predicting questions
Session 51 to 55 Holidays and Travel Expressing yourself indirectly; Pronunciation: Extra stress; knowing what kind of speaker you are.
Session 56 to 60 5 IELTS Speaking Test Practice and Feedback