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ESL Teen

Course Overview

Want your children to start learning English? This course is for your kids. Our ESL Teen course gives students a strong foundation in English and helps them develop their communication skills.

Age13 – 19 years old
Minimum LevelPre-A1 (PA1)
Entry RequirementTrial Class
Progress Test~
Start DateEvery Monday (Combination) / Immediately Upon Enrollment (Session
 Available Upon Request.
Course Duration30 Hours Per Level
ClassOnline 1:1
Grammar Vocabulary Pronunciation Writing
What is .. ? Plural a and an International words, classroom object. Adjectives and opposites Word Stress Phone message
The verb be (Singular) Countries and nationalities from Information about yourself
The verb be (Plural) Positive and negative adjective I and I: Email about your favorite Band
Present Simple, Positive and Negative questions Family /s/, /z/ and /iz/ Paragraph about your family
There is / There are Places in Towns Voice Th and Voiceless Th Short Text about your town
Has / Have got Colors, Parts of the body V sound description of friend or family members
I would like, would you like Food W Sound letter to a host family
Present Simple with Adverbs of Frequency Days of the Week Compound Nouns Paragraph about TV
Negative Imperative Adjectives (Feelings) Linking Sounds Emails about your friends and School
Can/Cannot Sports Can and Cannot Email about sports you do
Present Continuous House and Furniture H sound Post card to a friend
Can and Cannot Permission Months and Season ae and e sound Email about festival
Past Simple Time expression was/wasn’t Email about holidays
Past Simple Verb and Noun Pairs Ed Ending Paragraph for school magazine about a famous person
Past simple: Irregular Verbs Adverbs Adverbs Story about a strange place
Comparison of Adjective Adjective and opposites Than Competition entry
Grammar Vocabulary Pronunciation Writing
Present Simple (Like + Ing) Hobbies and Interest N and NG Sound Letter about your hobbies
Present Simple (Object Pronouns) School subjects Stress in frequency expression Description of your usual school days
Present Simple vs Present Continuous Housework Everyday English Diphthongs /3:/ World Email about organizing a party
Countable and Uncountable Nouns Food and Drinks The Schwa sound Paragraph about food and fitness
Past Simple Be and Regular Verb Phrasal Verbs / Everyday English Was and Were / Ed ending Poster about your hero
Past Simple: Irregular Verbs Past Time Expression Word Stress Email about an enjoyable day / weekend
Have to and Dont have to Jobs / Everyday English Have to description of a job
Some and Any Sleeping and Waking Rhyming words imaginative story
Comparative Adjectives/ Superlative Adjectives Language Learning Than Description of letter/email about language learning
Present continuous for future arrangements Future Time expression Th Sound Magazine article about a class trip
Will / Wont Expressions to talk about the future I’ll Competition entry about your life in the future
Too + Adjective Adverbs The weather Go email giving advice to a friend
Be going to / Must and Mustn’t Phrasal Verbs / Everyday English Must and Mustn’t email about New Year’s Eve
Should /Should not Personality Adjectives Silent consonants letter / email giving tips to a tourist
When and If Adjective of Feeling Stress in conditional sentences Retelling story about facing danger
Present Perfect + ever /never Animals have and has in the present perfect letter/email about a visit to Los Angeles





Present Simple / Continuous

Guesting meaning from context. Everyday English

Linking sounds in the past simple

Filling in forms

Past Continuous. Past Continuous vs Past Simple

Phrases with get

was & were

story about an invention

Comparative & superlative adjectives. Intensifiers with comparative

Antonyms. Everyday English

Than & as

Magazine report of a sports event

Will/Not & might/ may

The environment


Website article about your town

Question Tag, Present Perfect Simple

North American and British English

Intonation in Question Tag

Email about a holiday

Present Simple Passive

Describing a person’s age


Magazine article about a special day or ceremony

Present Perfect Simple

Verb & Noun Pairs

Have, Has and for

Email about how you have fun

Verbs + Ing / Verbs + Infinitive


Consonant clusters

Film review

Past Simple Passive

Disaster Everyday English

Silent Letters

Newspaper story about a forest fire

Too much/. many and not enough


Sound and Spelling -ough

Email about a plan for a holiday


Remembering and forgetting


Competition Entry

Present Perfect continuous


Sentence Stress Rhythm

Letter about your favorite type of music

Defining relative clauses


Z and S sound

Magazine article about a famous scientist

Second Conditional

Information Technology

T sound

Competition entry

Past Perfect

Noun Suffixes

Had and ‘d

short story

Reported Statement

Noun Suffixes (ation)

Would’ve and wouldn’t have

Email to apologize for something