Mock Test Registration

Objective: Provide a faster way to enroll students to take online mock tests. 

Agency: Kindly enter the name of the agency the student associate with. If there is no agency, leave it blank. 

Passport Name: Provide a complete name as it will reflect on your examination documents. 

Provide other information such as the following for us to process the information properly. Failure to comply will cause delays in the process. 

Email Address: This is where we send the details and the result including the Zoom ID for your examiner if choose to have one. 

Provide the detail of the type of Mock Test you want to do. 

Include also the preferred schedule for the speaking tests. 

To learn more about IELTS Courses you can visit :

1. CIP Online English Learning (IELTS Courses)
2. CIP Online Special 

Upon completing this form and selecting the proper type of mock test kindly wait for an email containing the invoice. 

Once the payment is made/settled.

You will receive you Moodle Credential and instruction on how to take the test. 

Schedule including the Zoom ID of your examiner.

The result will be sent based on the subscription you choose.



Q: Where will I take the test?
A: You will take the test online.

Q: Can I use my phone or tablet?
A: It is not advisable as exams and mock tests were created and tested in a desktop environment.

Q: Can I cancel the registration?
A: If there is no payment made after 72 hours, the registration will be nullified.

Q: Can I reschedule my speaking test?
A: Subject to availability kindly contact CIP managers for more details.

Q: I can practice my written skills by myself can I just take the speaking test?
A: The package is inset. You can opt-out some features but there are no price changes.