IELTS  is the most recognized official English test. Any intermediate beginner level may participate.

This has an advantage of getting an official score because of the intensive training to be conducted. 



*Has accumulated educational know-how as an IELTS review center over the past 10 years.

*Intensive training which means lots of assignments and weekend tests.

*Teachers with more than 3 years of IELTS teaching experience.


Study period: 4 to 24 weeks.                                                Start Date: Every Monday 

Starting Level: IELTS 2.5 or equivalent                                               to whom: 15 years and above

Unit of study: 25/50 minutes class                                        Class Date: 2/3/5 classes per week.

Teacher: Filipino teacher, native speaker (US, UK)

Textbook: Specialized IELTS textbook-different according to learner level.

Platform: Zoom, Zhumu, Classin, etc.,





Zalo: cipenglishon

Kakao: cipenglish

Wechat: cipenglishon

QQ: 3585970284

E-mail: [email protected]