CIP Online English Learning - How to take the Mock Test

Mock Test 

The test was created and tested in Google Chrome. If the test is not working on your current browser, try using Google Chrome or Edge.


  • Dictionaries or translators are not allowed.
  • Checking of sample answers from the web is prohibited.
  • Do not skip any part of the test. Skipping will lock you out on the test and you will not be able to go back to the part you skipped.


Our mock test is a way to assess our English proficiency.  Any kind of preparation or use of books, dictionaries, websites, or friends will cause your score to be inaccurate, which means you will not get an accurate score. Please try your best on the test using only your own knowledge so we can know your true ability.

Logging In

  • Step 01: Check for the email confirmation, you will be receiving it from the email where you have registered.
    CIP Online English Learning - Email Confirmation
  • Step 02:Then go to and click Log In, then enter your username and password that is on the email.CIP Online English Learning - Logging In
    Make sure you enter it manually, do not copy and paste. Once you enter your credentials, click Log In.
    CIP Online English Learning - Username and Password
    CIP Online English Learning - IELTS Mock Test
    Once logged in, hover your mouse on Courses and select IELTS Mock Test. Under enrollment options, click on Enroll Me.

CIP Online English Learning - Mock Test Enroll Me

Taking the Test

Once you successfully log in, select Listening Test 01,

CIP Online English Learning - Listening Test 01

Listening Test

You are given 40 minutes to complete this, please make sure you are ready as when the time started you cannot reset or pause.

Once everything is set, click the Attempt quiz now button.

CIP Online English Learning - Attempt Quiz Now Listening

Another confirmation will be prompted, click Start Attempt

CIP Online English Learning - Listening Accept

Click the play button when ready.

CIP Online English Learning - Listening Play Button

After finishing the section click Next Page. 

CIP Online English Learning - Listening Next page

NB: On the bottom of the page, there is Quiz Navigation, only navigate when needed. Do not click Finish Attempt if you are still doing the test because it will stop and end the test.

CIP Online English Learning - Quiz Navigation Page

In the last section of the Listening test, there is a button to click Finish Attempt.
CIP Online English Learning - Listening Finish Attempt

You will be prompted a summary of your quiz, click Submit All and Finish. If there is time left, it will give you the running time. 

CIP Online English Learning - Listening Finish Submit All

Note that if the time is finished it will automatically submit everything so please make sure to check your time. 

Another confirmation will be prompted. Click Submit All and Finish
CIP Online English Learning - Confirmation Listening

Once the test is finished, it will automatically show your score. 

Click finish review afterward

CIP Online English Learning - Listening review

After the Listening Test, you could go to the Reading Test by clicking Placement Test 01

And then click Reading Test 01

CIP Online English Learning - Confirmation Going back to Placement

Reading Test

Similar to the Listening Test, you are given a specific time to accomplish this test. Click Attempt Quiz Now.

And click Start Attempt

Same process for the navigation and time clock.
Once the test is finished, click Submit All the Finish, and another confirmation will be prompted.

Writing Test 

A similar process for the reading, listening and writing test.
NB: Currently the writing section does not have word counter, 

For the Writing test, the score will not be shown immediately as the teacher will review the writing first. 

To Register for the Mock Test click here. 
To check the process and guidelines click here.