CIP Online English Learning - Reporting an Absence

Reporting an Absence (Student Side)

We understand that there are times that people get sick or get busy at work or studies. It is highly encouraged to report it directly on this page to ensure that the communication will be sent to the teacher in real-time.  Note to report any absences at least two hours before your schedule.

  1. Go to the CIP English website at
  2. Hover your mouse to Tools and Support and click Report an Absence.
  3. Please enter your Passport Name, your teacher might not recognize your nickname.
  4. Enter the date that you will be absent including the time and timezone.
  5. Select if
    1. Late – You will be a few minutes late – The teacher will wait for you until the time is finish.
    2. Absent – (I don’t need makeup class) – Tagging this means that you are absent and you agree not to do makeup classes.
    3. Absent – (Reschedule/Makeup Class) – This is for you to request that the class would be makeup.
      1. Note: We cannot guarantee that we can reschedule the class immediately.
      2. We try to schedule it within five days or just move your last day.
  6. Provide your reason, so the teacher would know if you are sick or you have tasks to do.
  7.  Provide your other free time so we can check if we can provide a makeup class.
    1. We can either provide makeup classes with the same teacher or a different teacher based on availability.

What are valid absences?

  1. The student is sick.
  2. You have an important task that cannot be scheduled or have high importance.
  3. Extreme weather or flooding.
  4. An act of god.
  5. Interruption (Power or Internet) and Hardware (damaged device) or Software Problem (OS Crashes) – These situations are unpredictable so in case that the absence was not reported on the given timeframe, CIP can consider this as a valid.

What are invalid absences?

  1. The student overslept or forgot the schedule.
  2. The student just didn’t like to go to class.

Absent Teacher

You can check your teacher’s status by clicking on the Check Teacher’s Status page. This page includes, the current weather, and the current status of your teachers.