Zoom Recording - Student's Side

Record Zoom Classes


Record Zoom: Student’s Side

Notes: This works using Zoom on your desktop computer or laptop. Devices such as tablet or phone require 3rd party software, kindly check any recording app on your phone’s app marketplace.

  • If you click Record without the teacher giving you access, you will get a message “Please request recording permission from the meeting host.”
  • Thus, once you enter the class, ask your teacher to give you permission to record the class. The teacher will enable the recording option from her end.
  • You will see a message on the upper-right-hand part of your screen stating “Host allows you to record this meeting.”
  • After the class, you will see that the video will convert to an  mp4 format.
  • Kindly save the video file in a secure location.
  • Rename the video file for easy access.
  • Chat messages will also be recorded.

(Teacher’s Side)

  • Under Manage Participant, the teacher will see the list of students.
  • By clicking More on a particular student, the teacher can select Allow Record.
  • Once the student clicks the record button from their end, you will see a recording icon next to the name of the student informing that the student is recording the classes.
  • After ending the class, the class video will be converted into mp4 format, then it can be uploaded on Synology for training and quality checking.