CIP Online English Learning - Mock Test System

Notes: Do the mock test using a laptop or desktop. Tablet or phone is highly discouraged


  1. Open your browser and enter on the URL.
  2. Click Register Here.
    CIP Online English Learning - Registration
  3. You will be redirected to another page where you will be asked to enter your information.
    1. Agency: Kindly enter the name of the agency the student associate with. If there is no agency, leave it blank. 
    2. Passport Name: Provide a complete name as it will reflect on your examination documents. 
    3. Email Address: We will send your examination details on this email address, ensure that the email address is accurate. 
    4. Select which Mock test you prefer.
      CIP Online English Learning - Candidates Details
    5. For Premium and Standard Mock Test, provide your preferred time and date for your speaking. Note: Schedule is subject to availability. 
    6. Once you verified all the information click on Submit

Provide accurate information. Failure to comply will cause delays in the process. 


The request would take around 1 to 2 business days while waiting for the email confirmation you can go ahead and process the payment by going to our Payment portal page

  1. Go to
  2. Under Mock Test Payment select from the drop-down list which exam you prefer.
  3. Click on Buy Now.
  4. You will be redirected to the Paypal portal. You can pay using Paypal or using a Credit Card.
    CIP Online English Learning - Paypal and Credit card

    1. Paying using Paypal: (Note: Only use this if you have Paypal Account) 
      1. Enter your email address and password.
      2. Verify the information and currency.
      3. Click on PayNow 
    2. Paying using Credit Card 
      1. Click on Pay with a Bank Account or Credit Card.
      2. Enter your debit/credit card information
      3. Click the Confirmation box. 
      4. Click Pay Now.

Note: For first-time users of Paypal, a USD 1 authorization charge will be made to check if your account has sufficient balance, this will be refunded within 7 business days.


  1. On the email confirmation, you are given access to our Moodle page. 
  2. Enter the credential that was given. No need to create an account to avoid confusion. 
  3. Select IELTS Mock Test