How to Fix Sound or Audio Problems?

Before the Class

Before you begin, play this video, if you cannot hear this, that means that your speaker is not configured properly. If you want to test your audio problems, click here for an online microphone test. 

Troubleshooting Check List. 

  • Is your microphone or speaker are on mute? Check by clicking the speaker icon (found in the taskbar) and ensure that the mute indication (Speaker with red x ) isn’t present.
  • Kindly double-check the ports of your speakers if they are connected well. Remember pink or red are usually for microphone and green or black are for speakers.
  • Check also if your audio system requires power and if that is plugged in and turned on. Check the physical volume control.
  • You can also check some troubleshooting by going to the Tools and Support page. 

Troubleshooting on Zoom or Skype

For Teachers

  • Most of these troubles happen on the first day of the class.
  • Before the class starts, make sure that your audio works on your end. 
  • Better show this page to the student and play the video (Enable Share Sound on Zoom).
  • This is for the student to listen to the song if their audio is properly set.
  • Also, use gestures as the student most likely they cannot hear you.