Frequently Asked Questions

Operation Hours

Korea and Japan
09:00 am to 11:30 pm
China / Mongolia
08:00 am to 10:30 pm
Vietnam / Thailand
07:00 am to 09:30 pm
  • Mondays ~ Fridays (Session / Combination)
  • Saturdays & Sundays – (Session) Subject to Availability

Currently, we are using a third-party tool Zoom which use less bandwidth compared to other mainstream communication tools. It works on different devices and is also available in different countries. (Update: For Chinese students, they can use VPN to allow Zoom to run or Use QQ or WeChat as a last resort)

Online classes are recorded via Zoom for quality and training purposes.  Students or guardian also have an option to record the class, by pressing the Record Button on Zoom. 

Online teachers use a PDF files, and it is shared through Zoom. If students wants to have a copy, they can purchase it directly from the publisher. Other resources are free to download or accessible on our site.

We understand that sometimes students are busy or sick. Thus, students must inform us at least two hours before the class. You can do this by going to our Absent Report, you can also put the suggested date for makeup classes if you wish to do a makeup class. If your teacher is absent, the teacher will do a makeup class before the end of your course. You can see the details of your teacher here

Currently, our teachers have designated students. CIP Online will try to give another teacher if available. If students want to check other teachers, they can do trial class but it will credited against their sessions booked.

If at anytime your online teacher resigns, we will try to find another teacher to fit your schedule and needs.

We suggest using a computer or tablet with at least 10-inch screen size for you to see the resources properly. Student are free to use their phone or dictionary to look for words.

Any enrollment or re-booking should be handled by CIP Online Coordinator and not by the teacher. Any communication that were made between the teacher and student can result to the dismissal of the teacher. 

CIP Online has a dedicated Internet connection and a backup generator separate from the CIP Dormitory and campus. If during the class there is connection or power failure, teachers have a procedure which ensures classes will continue with a minimum of inconvenience.

Students are given an option to pay online classes via Credit Card or Paypal. 

  • Chinese Students - For Chinese students (WeChat)
  • Koreans (Bank Transfer)

If the student is still in CIP School, the student can go to the Student Service Center to pay. Currency preference is US Dollars.