CIP Online English Learning - What are Adjectives

What are Adjectives?

Teacher Michelle

How do adjectives help us speak better in English? What are adjectives? Will learning them help us speak better? Let us talk about how adjectives can help you in learning English better. 

Why is it important? 

An adjective means “a word that describes a noun or a pronoun”. That is according to the Cambridge Dictionary. Being able to have additional information about a noun is really important. With adjectives, we can say how a person or an object looks like.

We have what we call a proper adjective. It is based on a proper noun. Remember that nouns are names of people, things, places, ideas, qualities, etc. For example, the proper noun “Japan” has the proper adjective form “Japanese”. All proper adjectives start with a capital letter. This is because they are all rooted from a proper noun.

e.g. America/American, Shakespeare/Shakespearean, Israel/Israeli

You could see proper adjectives for any country. More examples are given.

e.g. Spain/Spanish, England/English, Vietnam/Vietnamese, Russia/Russian

The rest of the adjectives are what we call common adjectives. They are words that we use every day. They do not start with a capital letter. 

e.g. intelligent, fast, beautiful, strong, brave, friendly, strange, sick, surprised, etc.

Demonstrative Adjectives point out nouns. They tell us “this” phone, “that” bag, “these” jeans and “those” pants. We use “this” and “these” for objects near us. “This” is for a singular noun and “these” is for plural nouns. 

e.g. This phone is awesome! / These freebies are useful.

“That” and “those” are used for objects far from us. “That” for a singular noun far away from you. We also use “those” for plural nouns instead.

e.g. That is the mall you want to go to. It’s two blocks away from here.

       Those shoes are on sale! Do you want to go there and see?

Learning it will definitely widen your vocabulary. They will also help you be more specific in what you are saying. We live in a strange, beautiful, and wonderful world. You can learn to enjoy it by knowing how to describe it.