CIP Online English Learning - Personal Pronoun Simple

Personal Pronoun

Teacher Catherine

What are personal pronouns? How do we know which one to use? Here are the simple rules on using personal pronouns.

Personal pronouns refer to specific things or people. 

We have a subject or object pronouns. 

Subject pronouns replace the name of the subject to avoid repeating the name over and over again.

  • Such as: I, you, she, he, it, we, they.
  • I can’t hear you.
  • She called last night.
  • They are going out.

Object pronouns are pronouns that are affected by the action.

Such as: me, you, her, him, it, us, them.

  • Give it to me!
  • It’s her fault.
  • You can go with us.
  • Did you ask them about it?

Note that it depends on the number, person, gender and case of what pronoun should be used. 

  • Number – Singular/ Plural
  • Person – First(Talking about oneself)/ Second(Talking to the audience)/Third(Talking about someone or something)
  • Gender – Male/Female
  • Case – Subject/Object


First Person: I like it.

We like it.

Second Person: Which flavor do you like?

Third Person: She was angry about that topic.

Did he do that?

Tell them to stop.


Grace says, “See you later!”.  Grace forgot the schedule. Grace’s schedule was full. Grace is a busy woman. Grace met Grace’s friends.

It is so strange to always use the name of the person and annoying too. Pronouns help us not to repeat the name again and again within the sentence.

With pronouns, it will look like this:

Grace says, “See you later!”. She forgot the schedule. Her schedule was full. She is a busy woman. She met her friends.


Person Subject Object
I Me
2 You You
3(Male/Female/Neuter) He/SheIt/ Him/Her/It
We Us
2 You You
3 They Them


Tip: Sometimes, we do not have a subject. We call it a dummy subject, use ‘it’ or ‘there’.

For example: 

The phone is there.

It’s lovely to have a holiday.

It is confusing which pronoun to use when we do not have the basic knowledge about it. I hope this will help you start on what personal pronouns you need to use in making your sentences. Enjoy!