CIP Online English Learning - Preposition of Place

Prepositions of Place

Teacher Catherine

Have you ever had a confusing time on what to use when it comes to prepositions? If it is in, on or at? Here are some ways to know what prepositions of place to use.

Preposition of place refers to know where something or someone is located. It is used to help the hearer to know where exactly the thing or person is. Prepositions of place are in, on, and at.


At – is used for specific places. It is used for an exact location.

In – it means inside. It is used for a thing or person that is inside of something.

On – is used for a thing that is placed on a surface of something or when touching something.


I am at McDonald’s.

It means I am exactly at McDonald’s. 

She is in the room.

It means she is inside the room or her room.

The vase is on the table.

The vase touches or on the surface of the table.

Tip: Note that in, to and on cover general places and at is for a particular place.

IN : neighborhoods, cities, countries, places with a boundary.

ON: streets, avenues, islands, large vehicles, surfaces.

AT: addresses, specific locations, points.

He lives in New York City.

Jane lives on Joseph Street Lincoln Avenue.

The cat is playing at the corner of the room.


There are more prepositions of place. Such as: between, beside, behind, in front of, under, below, above, and across.

Between A thing in the middle of two things.
Beside A thing next to something or a side of.
Behind At the back of something, basically hidden.
In front of To be in the front part of someone or something.
Under/Below Underneath of something or lower than something.  
Above On top of something. Overlooking. Higher than something.
Across To the other side of something.

Let’s use them in a sentence:

The baby sleeps between her parents.

My phone is beside my pillow.

She is hiding behind those walls.

The restaurant is in front of the mall.

The book is under the table.

The birds are flying above the ocean.

He runs across the street

Prepositions of the place play a very important role in our sentences. Using the wrong prepositions leads to different information. Feel free to use this article to learn how to use your prepositions of place and check out more of them on the web. 🙂