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Teacher Michelle

Do you sometimes wonder how to ask a question? How are they important in learning English? Asking questions is a good way to break the proverbial ice. Let us try to answer this question. “Why is learning to ask a question important?”

Learn to ask a question.


Why is learning how to ask a question important? Knowing how to ask the right questions can be challenging. If you are just starting to learn English, it would prove useful. To know the question to ask means getting the right answer. Asking, “Where is (place)?” helps so many people in their travels.

What is a question?

A question is a sentence or phrase used to get information. It ends in a question mark. There are four main types of questions. Let us have some examples below.

Where are you from? -Wh question

Do you like that show? -Yes/No question

Do you like hanging out with your friends or staying at home? -Choice question

You’re single, aren’t you? -Tag question

Some phrases can be a question by how they were said. This is true for indirect questions. Some people use this to be more formal or polite. Here are some examples.

I wonder when he will be back.

I’m not sure if he wants to do that.

I would like to know how much this house cost.

Do you know how to make a question? 

This is the most common question pattern. By following it, you can easily make questions.

Question Word +  Auxiliary Verb + Subject + Main Verb?


Question Word Auxiliary Verb Subject Main Verb
What does  she think?
When did  you get back?
How  are you feeling?
How could we Improve our English?

Why is learning to ask a question important?

There are many books that invite people to ask questions. To ask a question is to really show care about someone. Asking questions like, “How are you?” can be a greeting. It can also be a sincere way to ask someone. Just do not forget to say “Hi!” first. After your greeting, you can bravely ask that question. “What is your name?” Don’t be afraid to say, “My name is…”. The important thing is your willingness to listen after asking your question.