CIP Online English Learning - Adjective, and superlative

Adjectives, Superlatives and Definite Article

Teacher Michelle

What are adjectives? Can learning adjectives improve your English? Have you heard of superlatives? Do you know what a definite article is? Continue to read and let us discuss how they can improve your English.

What is an adjective?

We usually see adjectives before a noun. Adjectives modify nouns or pronouns. Adjectives can also appear at the end of the sentence. These are called predicate adjectives. They still describe the noun or pronoun. You will see the adjectives in red and blue for nouns.

For example: 

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

The tall girl is beautiful.

More about adjectives

Adjectives bring color and life to our world. The more adjectives you know, the better you can describe something. Learning adjectives will definitely increase and improve our vocabulary. With adjectives, you can be more specific with what you are talking about. Let us have more illustrations.

The first imposing white Victorian house on the right side is her house.

As you see in the example above, there are many kinds of adjectives. Adjectives can answer the questions which one, what color, etc. If you are feeling finicky, there is a way to organize adjectives. You can easily look for that on the web.


Adjectives have two forms. The first one is the comparative form. We use it to compare two nouns or pronouns. The other one is superlative form. We use superlative form when comparing more than two nouns. Below are some examples.

(Regular) Adjective  Comparative form Superlative form
He is tall. Ken is taller than Max. Mr. Cal is the tallest in the team.
Jim is young. Amos is younger than Jim. Lei is the youngest.


(Irregular) Adjective  Comparative form Superlative form
Emilia Clarke is beautiful. Her design is more beautiful than her competitor.  Aphrodite is the most beautiful goddess in Greek mythology. 
Some people say that the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy is good.

Note: crazy, rich and Asians describe the trilogy. They are also adjectives.

The Twilight Saga series is better than the Percy Jackson novels. The fifth book, Order of the Phoenix, is the best book among the Harry Potter Collection. 

The – Definite Article

In the English language, there is only one definite article. It is “The”. We use it to talk about a specific noun or pronoun. “The” belongs to the adjective family. In the next example, we use “the” again. We use it to talk about a very specific book collection. 

The Harry Potter book series is the best book series!

Harry Potter is a proper noun. In the sentence above, it becomes a proper adjective. A proper noun that is used to describe another noun becomes an adjective. “The” can be utilized to point out a noun.

Adjectives are very useful to express yourself clearly in English. There are more examples and kinds of adjectives. The better you understand them, the better you will be in English.