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How to Study Online Effectively?

Everyone can study English online. You just need to open your computer or laptop and connect to a stable internet then just login to Skype. However, how can we study English online effectively? 

Bring Your Handy Dandy Notebook.

ESL Blog - Handy Dandy Notebook

Always have your handy-dandy notebook right next to you when doing online classes. It is important since our brain cannot process the information on a screen compared to when reading on paper. Writing also is good practice. 

Record Your Class

ESL Blog - Recording

Unlike Skype, Zoom has a built-in option to record the conversation locally thus you can always review your lessons after your class. You can also hear and see yourself talking in English. It is a good way to assess yourself. 

Avoid Distraction

ESL Blog - Distractions

Distraction is everywhere nowadays. Put your phone in silent mode especially SNS notifications during class to avoid distractions while studying. Also, avoid playing games an hour before your class. Online classes only last for 25 to 50 minutes, stay focused on your teacher and the lesson so the class will flow effectively. You can play afterward. 


ESL Blog - Schedule

Try your best to fix your schedule. For effective learning, it is better to have a fixed schedule so that your body can adjust easily. Our body tends to be sleepy in some hours, avoid that. Avoid scheduling your class during lunchtime or when you are hungry. 

Answer and Ask Question

ESL Blog - Ask Questions

Your teacher will ask you a lot of questions and some are repeated, try to answer them as completely as possible. Do not say, “so-so “ or something that is “normal”. Tell your teacher what did you do, what did you have for lunch. Also, ask questions to your teacher. You are learning how to communicate in English so you need to learn how to answer and ask questions 


ESL Blog - Rapport

Build rapport with your teachers, you don’t really need to know about your teacher’s personal life but talking about the weather or telling your teacher about your plan is enough. You will be comfortable talking to other people in the future. 

Overall, everyone can study online however to effectively learn online, you need to document your classes such as notes or recordings. Clear your head from distraction and as much as possible work on your schedule. Lastly, engage the teacher by asking and building rapport.

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