CIP Online English Learning - How to learn English Quickly

How to Learn English Quickly?

By Teacher Michelle

Have you ever needed to learn something real quick? Sometimes, we need to learn some things real quick for us to use it immediately. How about learning English real quick? Is this possible?

The short answer is yes but with a limited time table, it will depend on how the learner is willing to prioritize studying some basics in English. As per anything you need to learn, you will need to give it proper time and practice.

So, how to learn English quickly? Here are some tips.

Learn useful phrases first.

 I mean not only words but actual phrases. Why? We don’t speak in words in real life but mostly in phrases. If you can communicate through words only, that’s great. Learning to speak in phrases would also be building yourself a better foundation in being able to speak in sentences eventually. Added bonus if you can introduce yourself.

Some phrases to learn are:

Greetings: Good morning/afternoon/evening. Hello. How are you?
Asking questions:  Where is…? What is…? How much is…? How can I…?
Basic phrases: Excuse me. I’m sorry. I don’t understand. Please, help me. Thank you.
If you know how to ask these questions. Be prepared for the next.

Study how to answer basic questions. 

You can also learn how to answer basic questions. Answering questions like, “Yes.” or “No.” or requesting “Can you say that again?” or simply saying, “I don’t understand.”

Lastly, practice speaking all the useful phrases you have learned so far. 

Grab a friend and ask him how you sound. Try making up conversations and dialogues and picture what you will be saying in those situations. This is also a good time to test what you already know by becoming familiar with the latest news or the things you know about the language, its people, and culture. This way, you can also get to be familiar with how different native speakers speak in English. Find which one works best for you.

If you get to do all of these three, they will help you learn English faster. Practice, practice, and practice. The more you use it, the more comfortable you will be. You will be more confident in taking the next step, whether learning or talking in English.