CIP Online English Learning - How to Improve English Speaking Fluency

How to Improve English Speaking Fluency

by Teacher Michelle

Have you ever heard someone tell you something like this? “You need to improve your fluency.”
“Be fluent in English.” How does fluency affect your speaking in English? Does having better fluency means speaking better in English?

What is fluency anyways? 

According to Google and the Cambridge Dictionary, they gave different definitions of the word “fluency”. Fluency is the ability to express oneself easily and articulately. It is being able to use a language naturally without stopping or making mistakes. Another meaning is being able to speak and write quickly or easily in a given language. It is synonymous with flow, ease, and naturalness. 

Knowing all of these, the next question is why learn fluency? 

How will it improve my speaking? We learn a language for the ultimate goal of communicating. Fluency makes that easy. It is even a very effective way to reach out to other people and share ideas. Fluency also increases our confidence in how we communicate to others. Being fluent will greatly improve your speaking in English.

How to be fluent now?  

First, speak English. Just speak English. There is no other practical way to be better. The first time you spoke in English was not very easy. You were then using different parts of facial muscles to speak. Speaking in English will train these muscles. The more you speak in English, the more these muscles will be trained.

What can I do to improve my fluency?

Lastly, continue to use all the words and sentences you know. How? By speaking in English. Learn how to use words and sentences in real-life settings. Better if you can learn useful phrases, too. Having useful phrases will help you create sentences quickly. Therefore, improving your speed and accuracy when speaking. 

Practice, practice, and practice.

Practice what you already know. Repeat until you get more comfortable speaking in English. Keep on going out there and speaking in English. Find someone that you can talk to. Speaking in English is a practical skill. The more you practice, the better you get. The better you get, the faster you can learn new inputs. Same thing about speaking in English. The better you get, the easier it is to speak in English.