CIP Online English Learning - English words you dont know exist

English Words You Do Not Know Exist

Teacher Catherine

Have you ever heard a word or phrase that you did not understand or did not know the meaning? We all do! After memorizing and learning all the rules in the English language, you actually do not end there. There are many things to learn like words or phrases you do not know exist.

Here are some lists.

  1. Peely-wally (adjective) – looking pale or unwell.
    • Kate looks peely-wally after watching the End Game and discovers that Iron Man died.
  2. Whippersnapper (noun) -a young person who is too confident and shows no respect towards others, especially older, people.
    1. Back in the old days being a whippersnapper is a taboo.
  3. Librocubicularist (noun) – a person who reads books in bed.
    • It is my dream to be a librocubicularist, but it never happened, lol.
  4. Ragamuffin (noun) – a dirty, untidy child in torn clothes.
    • His mother cried when he went home ragamuffin. Now you know where the word, ‘rag’ came from.
  5. Gobbledygook (noun) – language that sounds important and official but is difficult to understand.
    • I have no idea what kind of gobbledygook talk he is trying to say.
  6. Balter (verb) –  To tumble; dance clumsily. 
    • He balters effortlessly.
  7. Discombobulate (verb) – to confuse someone or make someone feel uncomfortable.
    • I was discombobulated if he is a man or a woman.
  8. Snollygoster (noun) – a shrewd, unprincipled person, especially a politician.
    • I should not have trusted a snollygoster woman!
  9. Lackadaisical (adjective) – showing little enthusiasm and effort.
    • Everybody helped her but she is still so lackadaisical.
  10. Petrichor (noun) – the smell produced when rain falls on dry ground, usually experienced as being pleasant.
    • The smell of petrichor is enticing.
  11. Vagitus (noun) – The crying of a newborn baby.
    • The mom said, “So worth it when I heard his vagitus”.
  12. Minimus (noun) – the fifth digit; the little finger or little toe.
    • Use your minimus on making pinky promises.
  13. Nillionaire (noun) – a person with little or no money of their own.
    • I look rich but I am actually a nillionaire.
  14. Nihilist (noun) – a person who believes that life is meaningless and rejects all religious and moral principles.
    • Why are you a nihilist? You stand for nothing, fall for anything.

It is cool to use different words every now and then. Enjoy using them!