End of Class Report 


  • Enable us to count the number of classes each student has made.
  • Create a lot of makeup classes so parents and agencies could see it.
  • This will also serve as a log for payroll. 

Class Type: 

Selection of what kind of class did you do.

  • Regular class means classes that you do and it was on your schedule on MYOS.
  • Sub-Classes, if someone is absent and it was really required to do immediate sub, then sub teacher should select this.
  • Makeup Class, if the teacher is absent and requires to do makeup, then teacher needs to choose this. 

Class Date

  • Enter what time and date the class have been made. 
  • Teacher’s Name.
  • The names of the teachers for CIP Online 1 are already listed.

Student’s Name 

  • Make sure that the name on the schedule is how you write it here to make sure it will be counted properly.

Number of Sessions

  • If a student has 25 minutes class, then put “25” if its 50 minutes then “50”.
  • If the student is absent then put “-25” or “-50”.

Select the Status

  • If the teacher needs to be absent, he or she needs to still do the end-of-class report as soon as he or she gets back to the office.

Feedback / Correction / Schedule *

  • Provide constructive feedback, avoid using motivation as students cannot see it. Better provide words or grammar, the student is having a problem.
  • If the student is absent, then put NA. 
  • If the teacher is absent, use this form to enter the makeup scheduled agreed upon. 

Book / Page / Lesson *

  • The teacher or sub teacher can use it to see what book and what page the student is in.

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