CIP Online Status Report Center


  • Students can view the status of their teacher here
  • If there is no primary internet, use 4G data connection to submit the report.
  • If 4G is not available, text the interim coordinator’s
  • No need to provide screenshots for any power interruption or internet connection problem. 
  • Update at least every hour to the coordinator. 
  • Don’t panic , follow the procedure.
  • If 4G data is still sufficient, send a message to the affected students. 
  • After the interruption (Electricity or Internet ) Immediately communicate with the coordinator and schedule a makeup class ASAP. 
  • If CIP or coordinator cannot be reached, try to check the CIP Online Status Report to see if CIP has internet or power issues.
  • If you have planned leave ensure that it is communicated at least two weeks before the leave date.
  • If you are sick, please message two hours before your shift.

Status of Teachers

If the status shows next to the name of the teacher, it means that the teacher can teach without any problem.

If this is the status, it means that the teacher is having slow internet or intermittent disconnection. 

Procedure for Slow Internet Connection

  1. Ask the student to turn off the camera and see if the class performance becomes better. 
  2. If the issue persists, either turn off the shared-screen or the teacher’s camera whichever the less inconvenience. 
  3. For teachers – If all of these steps are followed and the class is not productive, kindly send a report to the group and schedule a makeup class as soon as possible. 

Check the Contingency Procedure. 

If there is any problem with our third-party tool e.g Zoom, Skype, or Foxit Reader. 

  1. If the main communicator (Zoom) is down, the teacher will contact the student via Skype, or QQ for Chinese students. 
  2. Student and agencies could also add their SNS in the registration form for us to use that in the event that Zoom or Skype are both down.
  3. If the teacher is not available on the weekend or hours outside their shift, then another teacher will do the classes.
  4. If all steps are exhaust, classes will be rescheduled. 

Power interruption or Internet problems can cause by various reasons. If this is the status next to the name of your teacher. The class will automatically be rescheduled. 

Check the complete guidelines here. 

The teacher could have an emergency or sick.
Check the complete guidelines here. 

When CIP Online English Learning needs to do an upgrade that requires the support to be offline. We cannot accept any calls or process queries. 

The teacher is on holiday. You can check the list of holidays here

It means that the teacher’s work for the day is over. All of the queries will not be processed until the next business day.