CIP Online English Learning - Typhoon Ulysses Aftermath

CIP Online English Learning: Typhoon Ulysses – Aftermath


To: All Online Students, Parents, Agencies and Teachers
From: CIP Online 1 Coordinator
Date: November 13, 2020  (Friday)
Subject: TYPHOON ULYSSES – Aftermath

Our country experienced another typhoon yesterday (November 12, 2020) that causes some of our teachers to be online.

We checked on our teachers, and they are currently safe.

Some teachers cannot take classes due to some damages to their internet connection or electrical power.

There is no ETA yet when they can be online as some roads are still in progress of clearing the path for the internet and electric companies to repair the damages.

Rest assured that we will monitor and communicate regularly for all the classes today. Below is the updated status report.

Kindly monitor your SNS or email for notification. You can also check the status report here

For any concern, you can send a message to [email protected]


Ian Tanpiuco