CIP Online English Learning - Oxford Business English - English for Marketing and Advertising

English for Marketing and Advertising

Book Review

1 Jobs and responsibilities Talking about job descriptions
Corporate identity, logos Presenting your ideas
2 Market research Giving and asking for opinions
Customer profiles Agreeing and disagreeing
Data collection Market research terms
A telephone survey Asking questions
Writing reports
3 The market plan Writing emails
The four Ps Writing a positioning strategy
Pricing and positioning strategies Giving a presentation
4 The AIDA model for advertising Discussing an ad campaign
Working with an ad agency Giving feedback
Advertising channels
Rate sheets
5 Distribution channels Telephoning-getting through
Types of discount Writing to the customers
Types of retailer (direct mailing)
Direct marketing
6 Public relations Getting customer quotes
Websites as a marketing tool Writing press releases
Sponsoring Writing a holiday letter
Effective press release
7 Giveaways The language of trade fairs
Organizing events Socializing
Attending a trade fair Reporting on a trade fair visit