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English for Customer Care

Book Overview

1 Customer care success Skills and qualities for good customer care
Customer care businesses and jobs Making suggestions
Surprising facts about customer care
2 Body language Basic socializing language
A company visit The importance of small talk
Meeting do’s and don’ts Follow-up
At a trade fair Steps for winning customers in your presentations
The invisible customer
3 General telephoning Being Courteous on the phone
The ‘customer care’ phone call Making sure you understand
4 What the customers really hear Making arrangements
Taking an order The first impression
5 Hotline (Troubleshooting) Clarifying and explaining
Customer-centered call centers Checking comprehension
6 Effective letters and emails Salutations and closes
Formal and informal writing styles Standard phrases for handling customers (connecting with the reader, taking action, etc.)
7 The five Cs of customer care writing Enclosures and attachments
A case study
8 Complaint strategies and policies Softening bad news and apologizing
The letter of apology Problem-solving steps
Explaining company policy
Some opinions about complaints and apologies

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