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English for Cabin Crew

Book Overview

1 Career path Describing jobs and personal qualities
Responsibilities Describing an airport
People and places
2 Pre-flight briefing Formal and informal greetings
Introductions Asking direct questions
Aircraft features Saying what’s wrong
3 Greeting passengers Describing types of luggage
Boarding and loading Request and responses
Solving seating problems
4 Meal service Describing food and drinks
On board sales Making offers
Classes of service Asking about preferences
5 Health issues Parts of the body
Remedies Offering help
Attending sick passengers Making suggestions
Giving advice
6 Safety equipment Explaining situations
Emergency procedures Responding to concerns
Air rage Being assertive
7 Preparations for landing Giving instructions
Checking the cabin Advising
checking into a hotel Explaining what’s happening
Giving/refusing permission
8 Job applications Talking about your experiences and interests
The interview process Taking about job challenges and rewards
Cabin crew job requirements

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