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American English File Starter

Book Overview

Sessions Grammar Vocabulary Pronunciation
1 to 5 Verb be: I and You numbers 0–10;

days of the week

word stress; /h/, /aɪ/, and /i/
verb be: he, she, it countries sentence stress;

/ɪ/, /oʊ/, and /ɛ/

6 to 10 verb be:we,you,they nationalities word stress; /ʃ / and /tʃ/
Wh- and How questions

with be

numbers 11–100;

personal information

saying phone numbers;

sentence stress

11 to 15 a / an; singular and plural nouns small things /z/ and /s/; plural endings
this / that / these / those more small things /ð/ and /æ/
16 to 20 possessive adjectives; possessive s people and family /ə/, /ʌ/, and /ər/
adjectives colors and common adjectives /ɔ/, /ɑr/, and /ɔr/
21 to 25 simple present: I and you common verbs 1 /h/, /w/, and /v/; linking
simple present: we, you, they;

Wh- questions

food and drink word stress; /tʃ/, /dʒ/, and /g/
26 to 30 simple present: he, she, it jobs and places of work third person –s;

word and sentence stress

adverbs of frequency a typical day sentence stress
31 to 35 word order in questions common verbs 2 /ɛr/, /ɑ/, /aʊ/, and /y/
can / can’t common verbs 2 /æ/ and /ə/; sentence rhythm
36 to 40 present continuous verb phrases /ʊ/, /u/, and /ŋ/
present continuous or

simple present?

the weather /ɔ/, /oʊ/, and /eɪ/
41 to 45 there is / there are hotels; in, on, under /ɛr/, /ɪr/, and /ɔɪ/
simple past: be in, at, on: places /ər/ and was / were
46 to 50 simple past: regular verbs common verbs 3 regular simple past endings
simple past: do, get, go, have daily routine verbs;

irregular verbs

sentence stress
51 to 55 object pronouns: me, him, etc. opinion words strong stress
simple past:

more irregular verbs

common verbs 3;

irregular verbs

silent consonants
56 to 60 future: be going to future time expressions sentence stress
review of present, past,

and future

review of verb collocations review of sounds

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