CIP Online English Learning - American English File Level 05

American English File Level 05

Book Overview

Week Grammar Vocabulary Pronunciation
1 discourse markers (1): connectors work word stress and rhythm
have personality; family rhythm and intonation
2 pronouns language terminology sound-spelling
the past:narative tenses, used to,and would word building: adstract nouns word stress and suffixes
3 get phrase with get words and phrases of french origin
discourse markers (2): adverbs and adverbial expression history and warefare stress in word families
4 speculation and deduction sounds and the human voice cononant clusters
adding emphasis (1): inversion decribing books words with “silent:” syllbles
5 distancing time linking
unreal uses of past tenses money ea and ear
6 verb + object + infinitive or gerund compound adjectives intonation in polite requests
conditional sentences phone language; adjectives + preposition sounds and spelling:/ʃ/, /tʃ/, /ʒ/, /dʒ/
7 permission, obligation, and necessity word formation: prefixes intonation in exclamations
verbs of the senses place and movement extra stress on important words
8 gerunds and infinitives health and medicine; similes word stress
expressing future plans and arrangements travel and tourism homophones
9 ellipsis and substitution their natural world weak and strong pronunciation of auxiliary verbs and to
10 nouns: compound and possessive forms preparing food -ed adjective endings and linking
11 adding emphasis (2); cleft sentences word that are often confused intonation in cleft sentences
12 comparison word building; adjectives, nouns and verbs homographs

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