CIP Online English Learning - American English File Level 04

American English File Level 04

Book Overview

Week Grammar Vocabulary Pronunciation
1 question formation figuring out meaning

from context

friendly intonation,

showing interest

auxiliary verbs; the…the…

+ comparatives

compound adjectives,


intonation and sentence


2 present perfect simple and


illnesses and injuries /ʃ/, /dʒ/, /tʃ/, and /k/; word


using adjectives as nouns,

adjective order

clothes and fashion vowel sounds
3 narrative tenses, past perfect

continuous; so / such…that

air travel regular and irregular past

forms, sentence rhythm

the position of adverbs and

adverbial phrases

adverbs and adverbial


word stress and


4 future perfect and future continuous the environment, the


vowel sounds
zero and first conditionals, future

time clauses

expressions with take sentence stress

and rhythm

5 unreal conditionals feelings word stress in 3- or

4-syllable adjectives

structures after wish expressing feelings with

verbs or -ed / -ing adjectives

sentence rhythm

and intonation

6 gerunds and infinitives music words that come from

other languages

used to, be used to, get used to sleep sentence stress and


7 past modals: must, might/ may,

should, can’t, couldn’t + have, etc.;

would rather

verbs often confused weak form of have
verbs of the senses the body silent letters
8 the passive (all forms); it is said

that…, he is thought to…, etc.;

have something done

crime and punishment the letter u
reporting verbs the media word stress
9 clauses of contrast and purpose;

whatever, whenever, etc.

advertising, business changing stress on

nouns and verbs

10 uncountable and plural nouns word building: prefixes andsuffixes word stress withprefixes and suffixes
11 quantifiers: all, every, both, etc. science stress in word families
12 articles collocation: word pairs pausing and sentence


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