CIP Online English Learning - American English File Level 03

American English File Level 3

Book Overview

Weeks Grammar Vocabulary Pronunciation
1 simple present and continuous, action

and non-action verbs

food and cooking vowel sounds
future forms: present continuous,

going to, will/ won’t

G each other

family, adjectives of


sentence stress, word

stress, adjective endings

2 present perfect and simple past money the letter o
present perfect + for / since,

present perfect continuous

strong adjectives: exhausted,

amazed, etc.

sentence stress, stress

on strong adjectives

3 comparatives and superlatives transportation /ʃ/, /dʒ/, and /tʃ/, linking
articles: a / an, the, no article collocation: verbs /

adjectives + prepositions

/ə/, sentence stress, /ðə/

or /ði/?

4 can, could, be able to

G reflexive pronouns

-ed / -ing adjectives sentence stress
modals of obligation: must, have to,


G should have

phone language silent consonants, linking
5 past tenses: simple, continuous,


sports /ɔr/ and /ər/
usually and used to relationships linking, the letter s
6 passives (all tenses) movies sentence stress
modals of deduction: might, can’t,


the body diphthongs
7 first conditional and future time

clauses + when, until, etc.

G make and let

education the letter u
second conditional houses sentence stress
8 reported speech: sentences and


shopping, making nouns from


the letters ai
9 gerunds and infinitives work word stress
10 third conditional making adjectives and adverbs sentence stress
11 quantifiers

 separable phrasal verbs

electronic devices, phrasal verbs ough and augh, linking
relative clauses: defining and


compound nouns word stress
12 tag questions crime intonation in tag


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