CIP Online English Learning - American English File Level 02

American English File Level 02

Book Overview

Weeks Grammar Vocabulary Pronunciation
1 word order in questions common verb phrases,

spelling and numbers

vowel sounds, the


simple present describing people:

appearance and personality

final -s / -es
present continuous clothes, prepositions of place /ə/ and /ər/
2 simple past: regular and irregular verbs vacations regular verbs: -ed endings
past continuous prepositions of time and

place: at, in, on

sentence stress
time sequencers and connectors verb phrases word stress
3 be going to (plans and predictions) airports sentence stress and fast


present continuous (future


verbs + prepositions e.g.,

arrive in

sounding friendly
defining relative clauses expressions for paraphrasing:

like, for example, etc.

pronunciation in a


4 present perfect + yet and


housework, make or do? /y/ and /dʒ/
present perfect or simple past? (1) shopping c and ch
something, anything, nothing, etc. adjectives ending -ed and -ing /ɛ/, /oʊ/, and /ʌ/
5 comparative adjectives and adverbs,


time expressions: spend time,


sentence stress
superlatives (+ ever + present perfect) describing a town or city word and sentence


quantifiers, too, not enough health and the body /ʌ/, /u/, /aɪ/, and /ɛ/
6 will / won’t (predictions) opposite verbs ’ll, won’t
will / won’t (decisions, offers,


verb + back word stress:

two-syllable verbs

review of verb forms: present, past,

and future

adjectives + prepositions the letters ow
7 uses of the infinitive verbs + infinitive: try to, forget

to, etc

weak form of to, linking
uses of the gerund (verb + -ing) verbs + gerund the letter i
have to, don’t have to, must,

must not, can’t

modifiers: a little (bit), really, etc. sentence stress
8 should get /ʊ/ and /u/, sentence stress
if + present, will + base form

(first conditional)

confusing verbs linking
possessive pronouns adverbs of manner sentence rhythm
9 if + past, would + base form

(second conditional)

animals word stress
present perfect + for and since phobias and words related to fear sentence stress
present perfect or simple past? (2) biographies word stress, /ɔr/
10 passive verbs: invent, discover, etc. /ʃ/, -ed, sentence stress
used to school subjects used to / didn’t use to
might word building: noun formation diphthongs
11 expressing movement sports, expressing movement sports
word order of phrasal verbs phrasal verbs linking
so, neither + auxiliaries similarities sentence stress, /ð/ and /θ/
12 past perfect verb phrases contractions: had/hadn’t
reported speech say or tell? double consonants
questions without auxiliaries review review

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