CIP Online English Learning - American English File Level 1 - Book

American English File Level 01

Book Overview

Weeks Grammar Vocabulary Pronunciation
1 verb be + , subject pronouns:

I, you, etc

days of the week, numbers 0–20,


vowel sounds, word


verb be? and – the world, numbers 21–100 /ə/, /tʃ/, /ʃ/, /dʒ/;

sentence stress

possessive adjectives:

my, your, etc.

classroom language /oʊ/, /u/, /ar/; the


2 a / an, plurals;

this / that / these / those

things final -s and -es; th
adjectives colors, adjectives, modifiers:

very/ really

long and short vowel


imperatives, let’s feelings understanding

connected speech

3 simple present + and – verb phrases third person -s
simple present? jobs /ər/
word order in questions question words sentence stress
4 Whose…? possessive ’s family /ʌ/, the letter o
prepositions of time (at, in, on) and

place (at, in, to)

everyday activities linking and sentence


position of adverbs and

expressions of frequency

adverbs and expressions of


the letter h
5 can / can’t verb phrases: buy a newspaper, etc. sentence stress
present continuous verb phrases /ŋ/
simple present or present


the weather and seasons places in New York


6 object pronouns: me, you, him, etc. phone language /aɪ/, /i/, and /ɪ/
like + (verb + -ing) the date; ordinal numbers consonant clusters;

saying the date

review: be or do? music /y/
7 simple past of be: was / were word formation: paint > painter sentence stress
simple past: regular verbs past time expressions -ed endings
simple past: irregular verbs go, have, get sentence stress
8 simple past: regular and irregular irregular verbs simple past verbs
there is / there are, some / any +

plural nouns

the house /ɛr/ and /ɪr/, sentence


there was / there were prepositions: place and movement silent letters
9 countable / uncountable nouns;

a / an, some / any

food the letters ea
quantifiers: how much /

how many, a lot of, etc.

food containers /ʃ/ and /s/
comparative adjectives high numbers /ər/, sentence stress
10 superlative adjectives places and buildings consonant groups
be going to (plans), future time


vacations sentence stress
be going to (predictions) verb phrases the letters oo
11 adverbs (manner and modifiers) common adverbs word stress
verbs + infinitive verbs that take the infinitive sentence stress
articles the Internet word stress
12 present perfect irregular past participles sentence stress
present perfect or simple past? more irregular past participles irregular past participles
review: question formation review: word groups review: sounds

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