CIP English On

CIP English On was established back in 2017 with the goal of helping students to improve their English before or after studying at CIP. It provides various courses to help students continue or start their English language learning, from young learners to adults.

Teacher Eitheil

Teacher Eithiel

About Me Video Sample Teacher’s Name Eitheil Nationality Filipino Teaching Experience 10 years Educational Background Bachelor Degree in Office Administration Certifications ESL Training Courses Taught: ESL, Juniors, Business Levels Taught: Beginner to Advanced About Me: My name is Teacher Eitheil, but you can call me Teacher Julia. I like eating, cooking, and playing badminton. I …

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CIP English On - Teacher Melanie

Teacher Melanie

Hi. I am Teacher Melanie. To inspire, to motivate, and to make a difference in students’ lives are the reasons why I am quite passionate about teaching and the happiness and fulfilment to have made a difference in one’s life is far beyond compare. I want to put everything I have learned into practice and I am eager to impart my knowledge to the students and teach them not only from the book but also from the heart.

In addition, I am a night owl and I love watching Korean dramas and listening to Korean pop songs which lead me to self-study Korean language. Also, I prefer grammar to literature because reading is not my cup of tea but I am into writing poems and short stories. It may sound cliché but yes I write to express, not to impress. My literary works may not be the best but one thing is for sure, I write with a heart and I put life and meaning to the words I use.

CIP English On - Teacher Marie

Teacher Marie

I am Teacher Marie. I became a volunteer teacher for some time in a kindergarten program which aims to teach kids from 3-6 years old. My first job was an English teacher and handled students of all ages.

CIP English On - Teacher Finah 300x300

Teacher Finah

Hi there,I am Teacher Finah, There are reasons why we study English. We study English to improve our communication skills. We study English..