CIP Native Online English Learning - Restructuring CIP Online

Update: Restructuring CIP Online

Beginning in March 2021, CIP ONLINE will take a new leap forward.

1. Excellent Teachers

Recruitment of excellent teachers is our primary goal. From the start-up to the end of the course, “TEACHER QUALITY” is consistent.
Excellent teachers are retained based on work ethics and past evaluations. Teachers will be given better compensation compared to other language schools.
We will also make efforts to recruit excellent teachers from BAGUIO and CEBU.

2. Teacher-Centered Courses.

Courses may not come from the management anymore. Teachers have all the discretion to create his or her syllabus, student assessment, and evaluation. Teachers are given free will to choose the subjects he/she finds comfortable teaching. However, management may make recommendations for new courses that other language schools do not offer. Besides ESL/IELTS/Conversation courses, we may also recommend other short term intensive courses and lifestyle courses.

3. We will operate delicately

All trial lessons (Filipino and native) are free.
On the first day of class, the teacher must orient students, e.g., academic goals, schedule, tasks/assessment. The class coordinator shall do the monitoring to provide appropriate support.

4. Support-Oriented management

CIP managers and management serve as a support system for students and teachers. We consider both needs and will provide timely solutions to whatever shortcomings that may come.
Currently, management has been reorganized. Different departments are given specific tasks to ensure a smooth and efficient workforce.