CIP English On - CIP English Academy Update 2021

Study Abroad Agency / Partners


CIP ENGLISH ACADEMY is most recognized in the field of one on one native speaker class in the Philippine language market.

With the opening of domestic travel without quarantine restrictions and a number of people vaccinated around the globe, there is a high probability that Philippines in the 2nd half of this year will open tourism accepting international flights, this include, accepting international students.

In relation to this, we are selecting major partners for these selected countries and shall be the official partner of CIP ENGLISH ACADEMY.

  1. COUNTRIES COVERED: Mongolia, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Russia
  2. CONTENT: -1 to 3 agencies are selected per country -student enrollment is only made possible through these selected agencies.
  3. AUTHORITY: -handles all brands operated by CIP ENGLISH such as CIP ENGLISH ACADEMY, CIP ENGLISH ON, and CIP ENGLISH JUNIOR. We guarantee profitability as no saturation of the market in every country NOTE: The above-mentioned conditions do not apply to agencies in CHINA,JAPAN, TAIWAN,KOREA, and VIETNAM