CIP Online English Learning - National Heroes Day 2020

August 31, 2020 –  National Heroes’ Day


National Heroes’ Day is a national public holiday in the Philippines and is held on the last Monday of every August to mark the anniversary of the Cry of Pugad Lawin, the beginning of the Philippine Revolution by the Katipunan and its Supremo Andrés Bonifacio in 1896.

Teachers who will be on holiday

  • Teacher Christine
  • Teacher Catherine
  • Teacher Michelle

Teachers who will come to work.

  • Teacher KJ
  • Teacher Michael
  • Teacher Jonah
  • Teacher Jezz
  • Teacher Thea
  • Teacher Aira
  • Teacher Juvy
  • Teacher Melanie
  • Teacher Ana
  • Teacher Tristan

For those students who will have online classes on this said day will be moved on the next available day.

During that time teachers are not available and no classes will be made. Inquiries about our services or concern will be answered as soon as we can on the next available days. Partners (Agencies) can check the available schedule in MYOS for the next available day for trial classes or registration of new students.

For any urgent concerns, you can send a message to our Skype, Gmail, WeChat, QQ, or KakaoTalk.


Ian Tanpiuco

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