CIP English On - July 2021 - Updates

CIP English On - July 2021 - Updates (Anniversary Update)

Good day, teachers, students, and partners, 

CIP English On will have series of changes for July 2021. These updates and changes will be beneficial for everyone. Here are the following changes including their effectivity dates. 

Pricing Updates

Effective Date: July 01, 2021 – 12:00 AM +8 GMT
Check CIP English On – 
Pricing Page. 

How tos: Zoom Recording

First Published: August 20, 2020.  Update effective immediately. Check the complete tutorials here.
CIP English On save recordings for training and quality purposes. Partners and students should be responsible for their own copy. However, they can still request a copy but we cannot guarantee as we archived the video files. We delete videos after 90 days of the class so please make sure to record your classes and save them on a secure drive or location.

Substitute Classes and Make-Up Classes (Students and Teachers)

First Published: July 25, 2020.  Update effective immediately.

To ensure all classes are made within the day, students  – whose teachers are not available due to emergency reasons, sick, tech issues, internet, and electrical concerns – will be given substitute class(es) or we will be requesting to have a class on different time during the day (with the same teacher or different teacher).

This is to make sure that the student will not miss their classes.

Moreover, unexpected absences from the teacher causing to have substitute classes will not be counted on their purchased lessons.  

Contact Us Page

First Published: July 25, 2019.  Update effective immediately. Check our Contact Us page.

Trial Class (Native and Filipino)

First Published: July 25, 2019.  Update effective immediately. Check our Trial Class page

  • 25-minute trial class (Filipino) – Free
  • 25-minute trial class (Native) – USD 6.00

CIP English On - Trial Class Registration

Students' Absences

First Published: July 25, 2019.
Effective Date: July 01, 2021. Check our Absent Report page.

  • Students should inform CIP English On of any absences or late. 
  • Partners (Agents) can send the report on the students’ behalf.
  • Absent without notification or without valid reasons will be counted.

CIP English On - Absences Report