CIP Online English Learning -Downtime Converge ICT

CIP Online: Converge ISP Down November 17, 2020

Internet provider Converge ICT trends on Twitter Philippines Tuesday as users report outage in some parts of the country. Converge have released a statement. They will fix the problem as soon as possible. Hoping they can fix it the soonest.

CONVERGE offers value added integrated solutions in telecom, network and internet space. The company is focused on building strategic alliances with technology.

“We are experiencing issues in our Data Center affecting our subscribers Nationwide at 1:10pm of November 17, 2020. A service ticket is not required. Our technical team is already working to resolve the issue in the soonest possible time and have your connection restored. We apologized for any inconvenience this may have caused.


CIP Online Teachers will utilize 4G Connection. Kindly check our contingency procedure.

Contingency for Slow Internet Connection

  1. Ask the student to turn off the camera and see if the class performance becomes better.
  2. If the issue persists, either turn off the shared-screen or the teacher’s camera whichever the less inconvenience.
  3. For teachers – If all of these steps are followed and the class is not productive, kindly send a report to the group and schedule a makeup class as soon as possible.