Report Late or Absences (Students / Agencies) 

Please report any absences at least two hours before the said schedule. Makeup classes due to late or absences are subject to approval. 

Student’s Name –  Kindly write the passport name, avoid using nicknames as it may confuse our teachers. 

Date and Time – Enter the date and time of your class.  Please base it on your timezone. Another selection is available to input which timezone are you located. 

Status – If you will be late, kindly enter the information and the teacher will wait for you. 

  • Absent – No Makeup Class Needed – You are telling that you will be absent and it will be counted on the number of classes you booked. 
  • Absent – Reschedule/Makeup Class  – You are telling that you need to be absent and requesting to reschedule the class.
    • Note this is subject to approval. If the absences are valid.

Reason – In a few words, you can write the reason why are you absent. This will base our decision if makeup class will be made. 

Provide Time-frame for makeup class – Write your other available schedule so we could arrange a makeup class, with the same teacher or other any available teacher. Please remember to put your timezone to avoid any confusion. 

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