Filipino and Native Teachers

CIP English On brings the best of the best teachers from all over the Philippines. We also have native speakers from the US, and the UK. We believe that learning English from Filipino teachers and native speaker will bring the best in our students. 

Online Courses

Our online courses are meticulously created for students’ needs. We created different courses based on the needs of students, from speaking to academic English. CIP English On brings the best by providing well-planned online lessons.

CIP English On - Online Course - Speaking and Discussion

Speaking and Discussion Course is the most recommendable course and the most effective way to be heard and be understood. Read More

CIP English On - Online Course - IELTS Course

IELTS Course - The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the world’s most popular English language proficiency...

CIP English On - IELTS Speaking Guarantee

IELTS Speaking Guarantee is an Intensive Speaking Program to achieve or even exceed the guaranteed band score. Check to learn more.

CIP English On - Online Courses - IELTS Guarantee 24 Weeks

IELTS Score Guarantee Course is solely offered by CIP ENGLISH ON! It is an Intensive Program that covers the four areas of IELTS. Read More.

CIP English On - Online Courses - Junior Speaking - Updated

Junior learners are driven by their interests. Hence, our Junior Speaking classes are made flexible to the English . Read to learn more

CIP English On - Online Course - Primary Course Updated

Children have innate language-learning strategies when they are learning their native language; which is an advantage ... Read to learn more

Blog Section

Contents made by students and teachers and sharing their experiences and help other to gain new insight, fresh approach and awareness that you need to be part of the ESL global community. 

Learning Articles

 While waiting for your next class, you can check our collection of lessons and articles that teachers made to help you gain more knowledge. We believe that knowledge is power, the more you know the more things you could do. 

ESL Lesson: There is / There Are

When do we use There is or There are? Grammar rules for these phrases are quite easy to understand. Read this article to know more about these determiners.

ESL Lesson: Personal Pronouns

What are personal pronouns? How do we know which one to use? Here are the simple rules on using personal pronouns. Click here to learn more.

News and Notices

Check out the latest news, announcements, and promotions. We regularly post updates to ensure our clients and students are always on the loop with the recent activities. 

Tutorials and How Tos

This section displays different tutorials and how-to for you to do the things easily. From technical things such as installation to reporting. We also publish two-in-one lessons (video and written) lessons. 

IELTS Essay Correction

Our collection of IELTS correction from our students that were corrected by our teachers. Check them out and learn. 

Start studying in our online course and start building your English skills. We make sure every class is easily understood, and that all students reach the same level of expertise they needed.

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07:00AM to 08:30PM | VIETNAM / THAILAND | +7 GMT

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