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About CIP Online English Learning

CIP Online English Learning ( CIP Online 1 ) was established back in 2017 with the goal of helping students to improve their English before or after studying at CIP. It provides various courses to help students continue or start their English language learning, from young learners to adults.

Many existing online English programs tend to focus on speaking only, but CIP Online has another type of course which is general skills: through this, speaking is improved by using other skills, such as vocabulary and grammar, as well. This will make students to feel like they are having a class in the Philippines, even though students are in their own country and house. CIP already has 12 years experience in English education for offline students. Combining our highly-developed offline curriculum and know-how with our online experience and resources, we are setting an exciting new trend in the field of online teaching for students who enroll for CIP online courses.

Online Courses

CIP Online English Learning - Power Speaking

This online course is focus on people who wants to improve their speaking. We provide speaking practices in different situation. If you want to practice your speaking, this course is for you.

CIP Online English Learning - Business Course

This course will help students learn basic business terminology and important language needed in business situations such as meeting, on the telephone and presentations. This course is suitable for people who are in a particular industry and need to conduct business abroad.

CIP Online English Learning - Young Learner

Want your children to start learning English? This course is for your kids. Our Young Learner courses give students a strong foundation in English and the ability to converse in English.

CIP Online English Learning - Junior Learner

We focus on the primary skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing to increase your accuracy, fluency and extend your vocabulary.

Our Teachers


Filipino Teacher

Online Lessons
$ 48 4 Weeks
  • 08 Sessions
  • 25 Minutes Per Sessions
  • Two Sessions Per Week

Filipino Teacher

Online Lessons
$ 72 4 Weeks
  • 12 Sessions
  • 25 Minutes Per Sessions
  • Three Sessions Per Week

Filipino Teacher

Online Lessons
$ 120 4 Weeks
  • 20 Sessions
  • 25 Minutes Per Sessions
  • Five Sessions Per Week

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